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This was a group effort with six other designers. Develop unique brands and a cohesive system that allows for possible line extensions and sub-brands. Create compelling and engaging packaging through the use of various package templates, materials, typographic sensitivity, hierarchy, illustrations, photography, and comprehensive prototyping.

Kiddo-Sub Brand

of Mom


We designed a shopping experience that caters to the needs of mothers. The goal of retail MOM is to build a healthy and functional brand of high-quality items that will enable all mothers to shop guilt-free. We formed
a coherent branding scheme with one overarching brand named MOM and five sub-brands, and each sub-brand stands for its own personalities and intentions. Teammate Luna and I were in charge of designing the sub-brand Kiddo. Kiddo is a children’s essentials line. I used original illustrations to engage the concepts of welcoming and safety.  

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