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Passage to the Stars


This project is to create a new digital product to create a case study. The topic is unrestricted. The case study has to contain a mission statement, vision statement, personas, features introduction, product goal, A/B testing, user testing, and of course, the app showcase and introduction. 


There are many people who want to learn about the unknown universe. The universe has been a huge topic in human history, however, there is no good source for teachers or parents to show to students or children. There is even no app that allows children to learn or view that information in an easy and immersive way. The entire visual system is inspired by eclipse. Learning in a way should be immersive.




Case Study

There are many people who want to learn about the unknown universe.

Enable people to see the system in the deep black by bringing the universe’s desire to them.



Let people learn about the planets
and unknown universe.



1. An immersive learning experience.
2. Get interests about universe.
3. Make people willing to learn.



1. A way to introduce the universe.
2. A way to showcase solar system.
3. A way to walk through the ticket experience.
4. A way to collect awards.
5. A way to list the information.





Astronomy teacher at 
junior high school

Kristofer is a 35 year-old teacher. He grduated from Harvard University Astronomy major. He was working on aeronautical engineer at Nasa for 3 years. But he wants to teach kids with his knowledge and see how his students get interests about the space. He likes to bring his students to science museums to let them have more impactful learning experiences.

User Activities / Responsibilities / Routines:
1. A way to have designed graphic for his students.
2. A way to design lecture.
3. To find a prodect to cooperate with his school.
4. A way to let students have vivid learning experience.

User Goals:
A way to teach students more fun and immersive.

User Frustrations:
1. Barely any well-designed graphics available.
2. Students don’s pay attention in class.
3. Not enough easy resources for youths.

2 year old boy


Felix is a two years old boy borned in a happy family. He loves to read stories and go camping to see the night sky and stars. He has big interests about where he’s from, where stars from, and how they are created, etc. The other thing he does every weekends is go to science museum near his home. He likes to seat in the night room to see night sky and listen to guide’s introduction even he can’t fully understand.

User Activities / Responsibilities / Routines:

1. An easy way to learn deeper lectrues.
2. A way to play and learn at the same time.
3. To find a way to play / learn with mom and dad.
4. A way to bring museum to home.

User Goals:
A way to learn while playing games.

User Frustrations:

1. Can’t fully understand the lectures.
2. Wants to play more games.
3. Wants to see stars all the time.

Mom & product manager at Google


Ariel has a 10 years old son. She also works at Google at shopping team product manager. She’s a big fan of Star Wars. She’s a Sci-Fi fan. She found her son, John, is also a Sci-Fi fan too because of her. She wants to let John study astronomy since it’s his big interests. To study what his passionate about is a super lucky and happy learning experience for students.

User Activities / Responsibilities / Routines:

1. A way to let John learn actively.
2. A way to keep John away from video games.
3. To find a prodect let grab her and john’s attention.
4. A way to increase their mother-son relationship.

User Goals:

Increase their motehr-son relationship.

User Frustrations:

1. Her son John spends so mush time on TV and games.
2. No enough topic for them to chat.

User Testing


User Testing Insights:
1. Provide information on planets but not too much.
2. Show more space and earth images or video.
3. When the flow shows things we need to type or
enter, the next flow should show them where to type.
4. Provide real sources in the app.
5. Use a dark color palette.








Main Icons




Book Flight


Learn about space
when booking a rocket

Users can get some brief information
during booking a flight to a planet that they
would like to explore without knowing
they are learning already.

Main (ticking booking)

History of where you
have rocketed to

Users can see their booking history
to see where they have rocketed to
and see the knowledge they have taken
on those planets.

(footprint of traveling)

We provide the latest news and live to user

Users can get the freshest news about the space. They can link to Nasa to watch any Lives if there is any activity going on.

News and live

Go in deeper and deeper

Provide true sources from Nasa.
An immersive learning experience with four sub-categories, so that users can easily read and use it anytime anywhere.


Users can search for and save more diverse images with high resolution.

History of where you
have rocketed to

Round-up gallery

App Icon

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